Surprised visit…

Two days ago, my Palestinian friends came to my town. They are my best friend Mahmoud Haddad, with his two friends, Homam and Sami. They went to the zoo (meeting with the other species probably Cercopithecoidea). I told them that I will not be joining them for the zoo tour (actually, I would love to but I hate to see those Cercopithecoidea (ugly monkeys) and Sus habeoncosus (ugly pigs)).   
I invited them to have lunch at my house. The lunch was interesting. We had briyani (a modified non-spicy version of briyani). My mom did all the cooking herself (of course mother’s cooking is always the best). I enjoyed my lunch but seeing them eating was more enjoyable.
After lunch, I took them to Kuala Sepetang Mangrove Forest and Bukit Merah. This mangrove forest area is internationally renowned as the best managed sustainable mangrove forest in Malaysia and among the best managed such forest worldwide. Unfortunantely we arrived there after rain, so the half km wooden walkway was considerably slippery. I’m afraid that they didn’t enjoy this one since we have to put more focus on our foot steps.
The best tour was probably Bukit Merah. We had so much fun there. Mahmoud was so interested in fishing, so he went to a local guy and asked about his catch. Interestingly he spoke Bahasa Melayu with that guy. Kind of broken though but I grade it excellent for a person from middle east! Me and the other two went for chairlift (cable chair). We really enjoyed our time. Reached my house at 8pm.
We prayed jama’a. Sami became the imam. I never thought that he has such a good voice. I like his recitation – close to Sheikh Muhammad Jebril. After dinner, we watched scare tactics – one of my favorite prank videos and Islamic exorcism videos.

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  1. khalid
    Nov 13, 2006 @ 20:06:49



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