Bowling – Mahmoud bowled My Team…

"Into the drain…!!"
That was the common sentence we used last night. Laughing out loud (lol). Lots of fun I bet I will never forget this forever. The game was held at BJ Bowling Centre. Including myself, we were eight – Me and Zubair (Malaysia), Pak Wahyu (Indonesia), Mahmoud Haddad, Sami and Homam (Palestine), and also Fadi and Khattab (Jordan). We divided ourselves into two teams, lead by me and my rival Mahmoud Haddad.
Group A: Mahmoud Haddad, Zubair, Homam and Fadi
Group B: Me, Pak Wahyu, Sami and Khattab
At the beginning, I was so happy to see H keep on sending his bawling ball into the drain. I laughed, "Hehehe we are going to win this match", I told my team. Then I saw Fadi also didn’t do well. "Hehehe greater chance", I was feeling rejoiced. But it was just a short term pleasure, since Mahmoud keep on making strikes and spares. How the hell did he get all those skills and consistency?? He is always a better player than me of course, but this time his performance was above expectation. With Zubair in his team, although wasn’t in his top form, I sensed a slim chance of victory for my team.
It was also hard for me to believe that Homam and Fadi improved quite rapidly after a few frames.
The End of My Team
I didn’t know what had happened to Pak Wahyu. He used to be a consistent player but last night his performance was below his usual game. Means bad news for my team. It was the same story for K.
Sami, he was new in my team. So I didn’t put any hope on him. Futhermore after seeing Sami threw his bowling ball (hard like a Proton’s crash test, lol), I knew that I can’t rely on him. He managed to get a strike in the end of the game. But it wasn’t enough for my team to beat MH’s team. Anyway, thanks Sami for being in my team. Also thanks to Pak Wahyu and KHattab. You guys did it well. Luck probably wasn’t with us…
Final Score
I don’t want to disclose all the scores in here but enough if I tell that Mahmoud Haddad’s team was the winning team. And Mahmoud himself became the top scorer. Me, I was happy for not being the last as I used to be, lol. I really enjoyed the game. It was fun. Too much fun! Thanks to all.

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Mahmoud
    Nov 18, 2006 @ 03:04:25

    Dear Looser,thanks for your description of the nice match.. but you had to explain a bit in more details… actually your performance was very bad as you used to perform.. (Abu Hamamah).. Mr S and H were playing for the first time and their score was very very very close to yours.. and you consider your self as a professional.. i advise you to trqain your self more and more.. any way i hope that you can get the score 120 by the year 2012… :)))))))) all the best Mr Abu Hamamah.. :)))) really it was a very nice match and wish to beat.. oh oh sorry i mean play with you again have improved your playing since you used to be the last.. but now you have improved your self and become a bit better..MR MH,the champion..:))))))))))))


  2. Izat
    Nov 21, 2006 @ 12:43:26

    Yes Abu T… (tooot! you know it!). This means R E M A T C H….


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