Jalan-jalan to Gurney Drive…

Today I went to Gurney Drive (Malay: Persiaran Gurney) with my brother Khalid Jaber (he’s Jordanian) and his floormate, Nader from Hebron (Al-Khalil). We arrived there at around 6.50pm, quite late due to heavy traffic. We skipped our photo session due to the rain. We ran quickly to Gurney Plaza. We prayed Maghrib prayer in a surau (praying place) there at the 5th floor. After that we began our window shopping.

Window Shopping
First, we stopped at a computer shop. There was nothing really special there. Then we went to a house decore store. I always love to see those interior decoration/design. It was a kichen faucet that caught our eyes. It’s equipped with a flexible pull out spray hose. The performance and style were so impressive (I don’t know how to describe but probably best represented by the photo below). Khalid just couldn’t resist touching the spray hose and hold it like a microphone, lol.

Then we left the decor store with laugh and stopped at a camera store. It was the third camera store we visited I guessed. N was interested in buying digicam. We spent much time on negotiating the price but none of us really want to buy because we’re still in the Window Shopping Episode.

We went to Toys "R" Us followed by Popular Book Store. And finally we passed by a comfort store [?] (I don’t know what’s the name of the shop but it sells massage chair). This probably the best part of our window shopping.

Free Massage
One of the promoters stopped us and offered free chair massage. Since there were only two massage chairs available for trial, only Khalid and Nader were given the chance to try them. Me on the other hand just sit on the couch and spent my time looking at these ‘two princes’ being served like an Arabian King. Yeah, enjoy it while you can. While they became the short-term kings, I was introduced to a massage vibrator.

Upon completing the chair massage cycle, the promoters started promoting the chair, "Now – only RM6998 from the normal price – RM10,000 and valid until 25th November. Do you want to buy it sir?". ‘The two princes’ said that they will think about it. Ya ya ya InshaAllah we’ll come again – not to buy but for free massage, hahaha :-).

Dinner at Ikan Bakar Restaurant
After window shopping, we had our dinner at a grilled fish restaurant (Malay: Restoran Ikan Bakar) near Marine Police Jetty. This is my favorite restaurant. We ate Nasi Goreng Ayam Special. Very delicious. There we met Ali & gang. [btw: Ali is my good friend from Iraq]. I enjoyed our "jalan-jalan" and our "makan-makan". Then back to the hostel.

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