Visiting Khattab at USM Engineering Campus…

Leaving main campus
I promised my brother Khattab that I will visit him at the engineering campus today.

Engineering campus
I arrived at 11am and met Khattab at his lab. There I met his friends, Qulaib and a few others. Easy going + happy go lucky = nice people.

Qulaib cooked macarona for us. Nice cooking. I finished two plates while Khattab finished four, lol!

Back to his house. Met his housemate, Z and a few friends. We went to a surau for ‘Asr prayer. Met a few more new friends (from Libya and Yemen). They invited me to play football with them. I told them I can’t because I’m not good at this game. So they asked me to become goalkeeper. Oh, yeah? [Maybe they mean ball picker, hehehe, lol!] At the end I became the only spectator and of course I took the duty of ball picker, lol.

Scary journey to Batu Hampar
After football, they decided to go for a swim at a swiming pool. We drove two cars. I trailed from behind. Since nobody was familiar with that place, Qulaib’s duty as a ‘tour guide’ was almost indispensable.

We met a junction. Abdus Salam drove his car to the right (the right one – should to the left). I saw a milestone – Batu Hampar [8 km]. Then I realized that we were heading to the wrong way. I saw only big trees on the left and the right and it was so dark. Suddenly Abdus Salam had trouble with his car. His car lost its power while climbing up the hill. His car stopped without warning. However I managed to press my break pedal immediately. Otherwise my car might have kissed his boot/trunk already. God save us, alhamdulella.

Problem solved and we continued our journey. What worries me – my car was almost out of petrol. Let me make it short – Finally we reached Batu Hampar waterfall (not the swimming pool). The place was dark and scary. We swimmed in the dark pool. My recently bought goggle was useless. Well… awwal marra akhir marra (this is the first and the last), lol. Anyway, not bad, I do enjoy this ‘engineering’ adventure.


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