Story For Adult Only!

Disclaimer: Author will not be liable for any damage cause to your brain.
[Note: Children below 25 years old are allowed to read under adult supervision]
To Bukit Jawi Golf Resort Swimming Pool
The swimming pool is located at Bukit Jawi Golf Resort (approx. 7 km from engg. campus). We went there after ‘Asr prayer (yesterday). We were nine – Me, Khattab, Qulaib, Z, Abdus Salam, Yazid, M, F and the other one (I can’t remember his name) – from four nationalities – Malaysia (1), Jordan (4), Libya (3) and Yemen (1). Here we (non-member) have to pay RM5 per entry per person.
Putting On Swimming Suit
We went to the changing room. I only have shorts. So Khattab advised me to rent a jammer. Cost me only RM2. Okay, not bad. But "No shirts please" – a common rule for swimming pool. Everybody has to take their shirts/undershirts off. There was no way for us to swim with modesty. Okay, now all of us became semi-naked. Ooops..! Next… swimming craze…
Swimming Craze
None of us are pro swimmers. There are probably a few amateurs – Qulaib, F (Yemeni), Z and me (I think so, lol). We swimmed here and there. Yeah everybody was doing free style (a few swam like a duck, even like a hyppo, except me swam like maqlooba, lol). Then I challenged Khattab for submersion. He won (submerged for almost 80 seconds). But I think it was unfair since he held on to the stainless steel ladder for a better control while I did not. We competed five times. Results: Khattab vs. Me 4-1. Okay bro Khattab, I recognized your victory.
Everybody was having fun. I saw Abdus Salam swimmed using styrofoam board (like a small kid, lol). [Pls forgive me if I laughed]. Z, Qulaib and one Libyan friend played the children body slides. So much fun. This probably the best activity during my visit at engineering campus. We finished at 7pm.

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