Bowling – Mahmoud Haddad’s Team Suffered Shocking Defeat..

Unbelievable! Really really unbelievable! My team won and I finally got my personal revenged. Last night was a night full of surprises. Our bowling craze started by the collapse of Mahmoud Haddad, followed by Zubair’s slow start, then the uprising of Pak Wahyu, Sami Daghash and of course me (the future champion, lol). I wish that this news should have aired by BBC and Aljazeera, lol.
Psychological war
I with the support from Pak Wahyu had started psychological war on Mahmoud Haddad’s Team a week before the tournament. I told Zubair that Pak Wahyu and I are so enthusiastic and probably will score above 150 for each game. Zubair was amused by our statement.
Then in the night, I met Mahmoud Haddad and gang at the Penang Airport . I was nervous when Homam told me that he purposely didn’t compete in the Asian Games at Doha just because of his high commitment to our very own competition. He added that he already has the momentum to beat my team particularly me. Ah, you want to beat the future champion (ya3ni me)? Oh pleeeeease… lol!
Double Trouble
A few days before the competition, Khattab apologized for not being able to join us. He said that he knows how important the game is to me. He knew that I want REVENGE as much as he wants. We all do but what to do… So, it will be FOUR vs. THREE. This means I need replacement. Since Farouq Odeh (Mahmoud’s neighbour from Palestine) was named as substitute, I had a very hard time to make decision whether to accept him or not. Accept means I add risk to my team. Reject means I totally eliminate the risk but I have to get either Homam or Farouq to be part of my team, which requires so much of a win-win situation. So I chose Farouq, however I failed in the negotiation. Fadi Khateeb told me that he refused because he is not for sell and he will be happy to see me loose. Oh yeah?? [btw, I do accept Farouq with my open arms and happy with his commitment]
We finalized the two teams as follows:
Team A: Mahmoud Haddad, Fadi Khateeb, Homam and Zubair
Team B: Pak Wahyu, Me, Farouq Odeh and Sami Daghash
Bowling Craze
Game 1
The strategy of putting Pak Wahyu as the first bowler seemed to work well . I played without pressure because my team was the underdog. At the adjacent lane, Mahmoud Haddad seemed to loose his rhythm. Yes! (I wish to perform dabkah but I just don’t know how to do it, lol). The first game ended in victory for my team and Pak Wahyu emerged the top scorer. Btw, Mahmoud Haddad was second from the last .
Game 2
I heard Zubair told Mahmoud to wake up. Unfortunately Mahmoud still couldn’t find his touch. Worse than before, this time he played like maqlooba, lol (this time I wish to celebrate or at least make zagradah but I didn’t do it because I’m scared it may sound like the red-Indian apache, lol).
I think the most interesting and the most unexpected was Sami Daghash’s amazing performance. Sami, you are really really amazing. I couldn’t believe my eyes but you were the star last night . Okay let’s make it short, my team won again and Sami was the top scorer. Well done everybody especially Sami. As in the previous game, Mahmoud was second from the bottom, lol.
Game 3
I consider this as an endowment game but still remained exciting. Mahmoud finally found his touch in this game. "Mahmoud is back!" Yeah, lucky you. But he committed many ‘naughty’ acts. I myself had been distracted many times. Whenever I want to throw my bowling ball, they intimidated "Kiri! Kanan!" (meaning: left and right).
Mahmoud’s Team got a bit luckier this time when Homam got a spare from a gutter ball. Actually we laughed so hard at Homam for throwing his bowling ball into the gutter (last time we used the term ‘drain’). However Homam made our mouth shut after his ball suddenly jumped out of the gutter and hit his last bowling pin, lol. This was really funny. No wonder Homam didn’t compete in the Asian Games, lol. The third game ended in victory for Mahmoud’s Team and Mahmoud himself emerged the top scorer.
My Team won the Overall Score
I was so happy when my team was announced as the winner of this tournament. Luckily we didn’t set any prerequisite conditions on the losing team. Otherwise I might have suggested them to shake their asses until they drop, lol (just kidding because I was just too happy). I really enjoyed the game. Thanks to my team. Pak Wahyu, you did great. Farouq, hey not bad for a beginner and Sami, you are really AMAZING.
For those loosers… err try harder next time ya… ciao

3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Sami
    Dec 22, 2006 @ 19:30:34

    Mabrooooooooooooook Izat and all the other members of our team,, i mean the Winner  🙂 …………
    Mahmoud Hdad havnt sleep that night,, i think all of you know why !!!
    Any way we can arrange another game soon –enshala


  2. Sami
    Dec 22, 2006 @ 19:30:41

    Mabrooooooooooooook Izat and all the other members of our team,, i mean the Winner  🙂 …………
    Mahmoud Hdad havnt sleep that night,, i think all of you know why !!!
    Any way we can arrange another game soon –enshala


  3. Izat
    Dec 23, 2006 @ 22:27:21

    Thanks SD. I appreciate your support. I\’m so thirsty for another victory.
    Inshala we\’ll do it again.
    Our Team BOLEH!


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