Jalan-Jalan to Bukit Tambun and Gua Lang…

Actually I have no idea about these two places. Never heard of them, even though I have been living in the State of Perak for more than 15 years. Silly eh? It so happened that one day I keyed in "The Lost World Malaysia" in my google search. I was wondering whether Malaysia has one or more, unknown to us but classified as hidden world by foreign scientists. I saw a few documentaries in National Geographic Channel showing Malaysian wonders such Niah Cave in Sarawak, Sabah Rain Forest, etc. Why am I not aware of such like these?
"LOST WORLD OF TAMBUN" is a theme park, subsidiary of Sunway Lagoon, located in Bukit Tambun, near Perak capital, IPOH. It takes less than one hour from Taiping. To my opinion, it has almost the same concept as Bukit Merah Water Park. The only difference, it has no lake but surrounded by limestone cliffs and forests. The buildings and sculptures were designed like an ancient Aztec in Mexico. You can check the website for more detail information:
Now, let’s talk about my trip to this two places. I went there with my former student Fazley Monty (I was his teacher in King Edward VII Secondary School, he is a successful engineer now). I wear a long sleeve shirt (given by a Jordanian brother) to cope with the extremely hot weather. Malaysia is getting hotter now. I do blame human for the global warming. It’s their fault. I reached the Lost World of Tambun at approximately 12 noon. I took a few photos. Nice. We didn’t enter the theme park. Our mission was just to explore and get some idea about this place. Then we went to Tesco IPOH for mild shopping and Zohor prayer and after that we had Sushi for our lunch (read my blog about sushi-wasabi).
We left Tesco and moved to Gua Lang. We arrived at around 3.30 pm. Gua Lang (English: Eagle Cave) is located in Ipoh off-Kuala Kangsar road. Easy to find because it’s near North Ipoh highway exit. This place used to be a tin mine. Now it has a now look. It has been changed into a beautiful recreational area. Still new, so there were not so many people, yet. We cruised to the recreational park by boat. The ticket costs only RM3.00 per person. The landscape, traditional houses, towers and the arrangement of trees/flowers are good. The pictures below might tell the story….

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