Farewell to Sami and Anas…

People come and go… yes, it is normal and that’s life. But when it comes to good friends, it’s hard to say goodbye. Am I not sad? Of course I’m sad.
Farewell to Anas
Anas… I called him "Anas The Giant". Because of his size – he is the biggest amongst all Arab friends. He said that my Kancil is just like a toy car… hahaha. Of course it’s true to his standard. I like Anas because he is honest.
His flight was scheduled on June 11 night. He said he will come back before Ramadan. InshaAllah, we’ll see again soon.
Farewell to Sami
The last I met him was on June 13, Wednesday night. I expressed my disappointment because I only got this information from Zubair, my Malay friend. Luckily that Zubair told me. I don’t mind whoever informed me but I expect Sami himself to inform me personally since he is one of the closest to me. Maybe I wasn’t close enough for him. For this reason I became the last to know and was informed through the third party. He tried his best to explain to me why that happened. He was too busy, rushing, it was a last minute decision, bla bla bla… khalass. I accept that. I appreciate his effort to explain all that.
To Sami, keep us updated with your news. Middle East and Malaysia are not too far. We have internet, we have phones… just touch and dial.

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