My first hot trip…

Let’s get melted guys..!
Eleven miss calls…  I almost lost my mood. Today is Friday, I called him since 9.30 in the morning, almost every half an hour interval. I knew it was ringing but he didn’t even reply. Probably he set it silent. Then I sent sms, "Come on Khattab, pick up the phone". No response as well. At last I called Muhammad Qulaib that I want him (Khattab) to return my call immediately.
Finally after Friday prayer, Muhammad Qulaib managed to catch him and passed his HP to Khattab. Then we talked. Am I not angry? I lied if I say I’m not angry. Eleven miss calls and he simply takes for granted… oh come on. Anyway I can understand that he actually has no credit and has problem with his HP. And he left his HP in his lab and went outside…. how great. Anyway, that excuses cooled me down.
Actually I want him to come to Taiping since this is his semester break and I can only be home in the weekend. I told him to bring his friend along but just one friend because my Kancil can’t fit too many. I need to pick up my mom in Sungai Petani as well. We met at Taman Pekaka, near USM Engineering Campus at 9.15 pm. There I met Muhammad Qulaib, a Jordanian friend and Basheer, his friend from Gaza, Palestine. I know Basheer, I met him at Khattab’s lab half years back. He is very talkative but humble and very down to earth. I’m happy that he’ll be joining us. We moved to Taiping shortly after that.

My Friend’s Wedding, Bowling and Taiping Tour
On Saturday, June 2nd, we went to my friend’s wedding. She is my ex-office mate at a company in Taiping. I told Khattab and Basheer that they will have to do dabkah in my friend’s wedding. We laughed so much because they know that I wasn’t serious.
The rain started to fall, so we decided to leave. No outdoor activities I told them. So I took them to Taiping Bowling Center. There we played two games. I took the top spot, Basheer second and Khattab last (sorry Khattab for breaking this news). Luckily Mahmoud Haddad and Homam weren’t there, otherwise they might have called us "The Drain Team"… hehehe.
After the rain stopped we went to Kuala Sepetang Mangrove Forest. Then we went to Bukit Merah Laketown Resort. The trip was interesting but everybody was sweating to the maximum. A week before, I removed my aircon belt due to my compressor’s bearing worn out. The cost for fixing a new compressor (original) is around RM700+, well not now habeebe… let’s get melted!..hahaha. Although they are tired but they still able to remain calm and smiling. This is why I love them so much. You guys are GREAT!
The next day on Sunday we went to Taiping Zoo. We took quite a number of pictures. I hope they enjoyed it. Me… of course I’m happy. I really feel the warmth of friendship and brotherhood. Thanks Khattab and Basheer.

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