Shopping at Queens Bay, Penang

I went to Queens Bay yesterday at around 2.30 pm. No wonder it was so crowded. They have a ‘Jom Heboh’ carnival there. Jom Heboh = Let’s get loud. To me I don’t even care. I just want to go window shopping. In fact, this was my first shopping at Queens Bay.
I parked at the 7th floor. Beautiful scenary, seriously. I can see Jerejak Island, Penang Bridge, etc. But there is a serious problem. They don’t have a proper Elevator system. Can you imagine – to go to the ground floor you have to depend on only one lift? One section one lift, that’s ridiculous! The lift can fit around 10 people. And there were almost 15-20 people waiting. Well, sayonara.. I can’t wait. So I went down through the stairs.
Although at the beginning I just want to have a window shopping but then I changed my mind. There are a lot of interesting things to buy for my house-hold or at least for myself. So I shopped around. I went inside Jusco. Finally I bought a mini table (self assembly), RM37.80; a steel stool, RM10; and a polyester fibre pillow, RM6.90. I think I’ve made a good shopping. Well done Izat… hehehe (I’m just too excited). But I have trouble to bring those items to the parking lot at 7th floor. I have to go through the most crowded elevator in the world….. Aaargh.. sucks! No choice. Izat, you have to do it. I have to wait for almost 10 minutes. I made it at last. Congratulations to me again!… hehehe.
Now it’s time to go. But wait a minute. Where is the autopay? I need to pay my parking ticket. When I was in the mall I couldn’t even see one. Strange! Forget about it, let me just drive, perhaps I can pay at the exit. Then I drove my car from 7th to 6th to 5th and when I reached the 4th floor I saw a security guard and immediately asked about the autopay. I briefly told him about my situation as well. He said it’s okay and showed me the place. It’s so near. He told me to park my car at the NO parking area and finish my thing. DONE! Thanks Mr Security for being so nice to me.
To the management of Queens Bay Mall… please improve your system. Otherwise, I don’t think I will come again…. 

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