Am I the most loyal DiGi Customer?

Ripley’s Believe It or Not – Izat is the most loyal DiGi Customer
Am I the most loyal DiGi customer?
I think so…. I’ll let you know why.
— Change mobile service provider, from Celcom to Maxis or vise versa, is something common.
— Change handphone to a new one, is something common also.
— Change sim card, today this number, tomorrow another number, is very common too.
I did change my handphone a few times. The last was in November 2004. I’m still using Nokia 1100 until now (perhaps you guys can label me ‘mobile conservative’… hehehe). But I never change my service provider, DiGi which I subscribed since 1999. I chose DiGi prepaid. In addition to that I never changed my number since the first day of my subscription. Almost eight years now. Ripley might not believe this. But it’s true.
              I   l o v e   m y   n u m b e r    
I think DiGi you should consider giving me an award, i.e. The most loyal DiGi customer of the planet.
The award must include RM50 monthly free airtime for three years…. hehehe.
I don’t have any statistics or breakdown of mobile service subscribers in this country. As far as my friends are concern, three out of 20 are using DiGi. Not so many eh? Well my DiGi friends, I think we are unique. Yes we are. I know my DiGi friends, most of us are fantastic, romantic, bombastic, mr lova lova… hahaha just kidding. What is so special about DiGi? I’m not so sure but I like DiGi Birthday Bonus the most (because they offer 50% of the top up value). Also Family & Friends. 
When I was a student I spent around RM30-40 a month for calls and sms. Now, I spend around RM60-80, perhaps more. But I’ll try not to spend more than RM100 a month.
  Question – Will I change my mobile number in the future?


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