Streamyx Downgrade – I learned my lesson…

RIPLEY’S BELIEVE IT OR NOT! – My Internet Bill for June is RM232.11
Two months ago I applied for downgrading my streamyx package from RM77@unlimited to RM49@60 hours. The reason I downgrade my streamyx is because I already moved to Kulim. And will only be in Taiping in the weekend – Saturday and Sunday. So I believe 60 hours internet usage a month is enough for me. Last week I received my internet bill. It should be a combination of a two months bill, so I thought the amount should be around RM98 or a bit more but will not exceed RM120. What I got was really surprising. 232.11 Ringgit. My bill is RM232.11 for last month. Is this my other event of Ripley’s Believe It or Not? I think so. Regarding the bill, what had been printed is true but I’m hoping the amount is false.
Since the bill did not mention any detail about the package and internet usage, so I checked through the internet. There it is… – Streamyx Home Basic 384 Kb – RM20@10 hours. This is clearly a WRONG package. No wonder my bill shoots up so drastically. Well TMnet, thank you very much. Now I really feel like maglooba (up side down). Although frustrating, I didn’t go hysteria. Because I know this is a test from Allah. Alhamdulellah.
Sudden Motivation
Besides I got a new motivation from Tariq Sabah, my Palestinian brother. He told me that he already subscribed to a home wireless internet (1.0 Mb – RM88@unlimited) for his rental house in KL. Contrast with me that I went downgrading. Should I go back to the streamyx unlimited? Yes, I think I should. The difference between the two plans is only RM28. When I was a student I used the RM77 ~unlimited streamyx plan. Now as a working guy I downgraded my streamyx plan to RM49 ~60 hours. My allocation for internet is RM100 a month. So what the hell am I doing? Besides there is no guarantee my internet usage will not exceed 60 hours.
Back to Streamyx Unlimited
So this week I changed my off day from Sunday to Friday because I need to be in Taiping on Friday (Telekom Malaysia will close on Saturday and Sunday in all states except Kedah and Kelantan). Today (Friday) I went to the customer service at TM Taiping (the place where I registered my streamyx). TM admitted their mistake and apologized to me for the miscalculated bill. They will soon issue a new bill. Then I told them I want to upgrade my streamyx plan back to the 512 Kb – RM77 ~unlimited. They said "with pleasure". DONE! Everything went so smoothly. Alhamdulellah.
I learned my lesson
I think I learned my lesson well this week. If we are not sure with our decision, don’t rush into it. Discuss with sombody we trust, seek advise from him. Two heads are always better than one.


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