I miss USM and my old time friends…

I miss USM and my old time friends…

When I was a student, I frequently said that I miss my working life. But after I started back my working life as a professional, I noticed that I miss my student life. Yes, I really miss my student life especially life as a post-graduate student. Here I documented a few important events happened on August 1st, 2007 involving a few good friends/brothers.
Farewell to Brother Yaseen Hariri
Penang, August 1, 2007 – I went to USM for my material simulation works. After finishing my works, I continued with my desk research in the library. After almost one hour, brother Yaseen Hariri, a Syrian friend came in. We greeted each other as if we did not see each other for years. We have never been closed to each other before, but today I feel so close to him. He joked with me, teased me. Then he told me that he’s leaving. He finished his Master’s (Pharmaceutical Sciences) and will go back to United Arab Emirates (UAE) to continue his work as an academician in one of the academic institutions there. Alhamdulellah, and congratulation. He will leave on August 9th, which means he will not attend his convocation on August 16th this year. I just wish him good luck.
Why we feel so close today? Perhaps we have something in common, i.e. we like to know about the political map of a country. He seemed surprised when I managed to name most governorates in Syria such as Qunaitera, Dar’a, Haleb, Dimashq, Tartus, Ladiqiya, Deiz El-Zawr, Homs, etc. and their locations. Also some places in Jordan. "Perhaps you are mukhabarat. Aren’t you?" – a very common joke by many Arab friends (mukhabarat = agent). Well, I said yes.. hahaha. We laughed so hard.
Perhaps this is my last meet with brother Yaseen. For this reason I asked him to give me his photo so that I can document this sweet memory in my blog. Farewell brother Yaseen Hariri, may Allah bless you. And again I wish you good luck…
Met Mahmoud Haddad
Hospitality in Arab culture is simply amazing!
At the mosque (after Zohor prayer), I met Mahmoud Haddad, my old time friend (best friend to be exact). We didn’t see each other for more than a month. Yeah, everybody was so busy. I told him how much I miss USM and my old time friends. He invited me to stay at his place in Restu. I said I would love to but I have to go back to Kulim today. This is what I like about Arab culture – Most Arabs treat their guests very very well. The hospitality, it’s amazing. I still remember when I became the guest of my brother Khattab at engineering campus. I received a first class treatment from him. It’s not a one day but three days visit. Considering him as a student and the food he paid for me. It was just too great. Wallahi, I will never forget this ever in my entire life.
Khalid Jaber to go back to Jordan
At around 4.30 PM, I went to Queens Bay with brother Khalid Jaber. I was in search of a digital camera, while Khalid was in search of shoes. This is all about convocation, in which we are going to attent in the next 12 days. I couldn’t find a good one. Suddenly Khalid asked me why do I want to buy now, whereas I can get a far better models and price at the coming PC Fair this week. Really? Well, I don’t know that. Yeah, I will consider going to PC Fair this week. So let’s call it a day (British way of telling stop doing something). We went to the Surau in Queens Bay Mall and prayed ‘Asr prayer. Then we went to the beach stalls at SeaGate for refreshments. I ordered lychee drink and Khalid ordered apple juice. The weather was so friendly and the scenery was beautiful. We enjoyed each minute of our time there. Alhamdulellah.
Khalid told me that he wants to go back to Jordan for a short visit. He already booked his flight on August 21st (Friday) 5 PM. He will depart from Penang then transit in Kuala Lumpur and Doha before boarding in Amman. He will return to Malaysia on 22 September 2007. It is still three weeks away, so I will not say farewell now, not yet. I sent him back to USM and arrived in Kulim at around 7.50 PM.

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