Penang PC Fair

Penang PC Fair – Coolpix L12 is so cool
Arrived early at PC Fair
My budget for a new digital camera is between RM500 and RM700. I called Khalid Jaber whether he wants to join me to the PC Fair. He disconnected after a few ringings. Perhaps he’s sleeping. It’s okay, I can go alone. I arrived quite early, 10.20 in the morning. I saw them setting up the parking ticket booth. So I entered and parked without having to pay a single cent. I patiently waited at the ground floor. Then I received message from Khalid saying that he couldn’t respond to my call because he was attending an oath taking ceremony at DTSP, USM. It’s okay.
I bought Nikon Coolpix L12
10.50 AM, the area in front of the entrance has already been crowded by visitors. As soon as they opened at 10.57 AM, all visitors immediately rushed in. And I have to squeeze myself before hopping in the building. I looked around and rotated my eyes like a chameleon. The first camera booth I saw was the Olympus. So I stopped by the booth. The guy greeted me in Chinese, which roughly means "are you looking for a camera?". Then I replied and started my conversation in English.
There was one model that caught my eyes – Olympus FE-210 (price offerred is RM499 compared to the retail price RM599). The rest are above RM700. Features – 7.1 Megapixels, 3X Optical Zoom, Digital Image Stabilizer and Build-In Help Guide. In addition, it uses AA batteries. This is certainly one of my choices. But movie without sound is nothing to our current standard. Then I told him, I may need to shop around.
After passing by a few stalls, I stopped by the Nikon booth. Nikon Coolpix L10, L11 and L12, each model was tagged with a selling price at RM498, RM588 and RM638 respectively. I like Coolpix L12 especially its features. In addition it is so user friendly. The price is also good. Compared to the retail price, it is sold between RM688 and RM700+ (some shops even sell without memory card and charger). I’ll buy, done. I got all the optional accessories for free (1GB memory card, Nikon tripod, charger and camera casing). Since I was his first customer, he gave me LCD screen protector for free. I thanked him with my flowering words for being so nice to me. He seemed to like my flowering words and gave me Nikon cap and Nikon backpack bag. I thanked him again with another flowering words. As a result I got another free Nikon bag. Thank you, thank you! I think it’s enough, no more flowering words… hehehe.
I continued shopping around. Before I left, I bought 20 pcs CD-R and a mouse pad. Good shopping today. Alhamdulellah.

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  1. Mahmoud
    Aug 09, 2007 @ 12:40:20

    mubarak Izzat…. but in fact.. every one is always the first customer and every one will be given special gift because he is nice and loyal customer regardless what ever you are…hehehehehehehhe…. you should keep on thanking him…he may give you another free camera…..heheheheheheheheh….any way mabroooooooooooooooooook and hope to see you soon in the coming convo…i see nothing in your Blog about the convo…………


  2. Izat
    Aug 09, 2007 @ 17:58:19

    Hahaha… really funny Mahmoud. I do expect people will say something like that too. But it is a fact that I was his first customer since I came very early that day (40 minutes earlier) – as I mentioned in the sub-topic "Arrived early at PC Fair". I\’ve been in PC Fair many times and I\’m aware with such promoter\’s persuasion tactics. The good thing is I did homework before I buy. It was a very good purchasing.
    Yes, I wish he should have given me a free camera too… hehe.
    Regarding the convo… I\’ll come out with the story soon. Btw, I\’ll be coming again this week to take my convo robe. And thanks for ur comment. 


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