Popcorn and Exotic fruits…

Popcorn and Exotic fruits…
USM Penang, August 3rd (Friday) – I told Mahmoud Haddad that I want to go to PC Fair on Saturday morning therefore I’ll stay in his room tonight. I arrived in USM at around 8.50 PM, so I prayed Isha’ prayer at the mosque. Upon leaving the mosque, I met my chemistry colleage Abdullah from Jordan. We decided to have dinner together. We called Ameen, his friend also from Jordan to join us. So we went to Acheh restaurant at Batu Uban Bay and have Nasi Goreng Special. After that we have refreshment at Seagate Beach Stalls.
Popcorn party…
At 11.40 PM, I arrived at Mahmoud’s room. He said I am late and was waiting for me. He’s ready to serve me popcorn. Wow! Then he started cooking the popcorn. I can clearly hear the popping sound from the popcorn. It’s ready and we have it together with Farouq Odeh. It’s nice but a little bit salty for me. As usual we joked around until Homam came in and joined us. Then Homam invited us for late night tropical fruits in his room.  
Exotic fruits party…
Mahmoud and I joined 10 minuted after that. Homam said he bought it at Malaysian-Thai border. He bought five types, indeed exotics. I only knew two, i.e. rambutan (hairy red skin) and salak (red scaly skin). I was not familiar with the rest (because they are Thai fruits). Anyway, thanks Homam. I do enjoy this late night exotic fruits. By the way, Homam will go back to Jordan soon for a short term visit (maybe he will get engaged, I don’t know, let’s us find out).
Tusbeh ‘ala khair…
I went to bed at around 1.45 AM. Mahmoud reminded me to wake him up in the morning because he has a trip to Jerejak Island with his friends, while I will go to the PC Fair. Okay Mahmoud, have a good night sleep. Tusbeh ‘ala khair….

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