Jalan-jalan cari makan with Mahmoud, Homam and Farouq

Sendawa – Mahmoud belches like Malay…
Friday, August 10th – I went to USM after work. After praying Isha’ prayer, I went to Mahmoud’s room. There Mahmoud, Homam and Farouq were waiting for me. I planned to have Nasi Goreng Special at Batu Uban Bay with them. We reached the restaurant at around 9.45 PM and immediately placed order. "Where’s the food? Saya lapar (I’m hungry)". Mahmoud’s hungry stomach cries him out. Mahmoud’s way of speaking Malay made me laughed out loud. Our food arrived a few minutes after that.
After finishing the food, "Eerg", Mahmoud started to belching out. This is very strange to me. When I asked him why he did that, he said this is Malay culture. I’m not sure but I don’t classified it as culture but belching is very common among Malay males. I also couldn’t understand why because I don’t do that in public. In Malay, we called it "sendawa". I just couldn’t stop laughing when Mahmoud belches out.
Mahmoud said this is his first time eating fried cattle fish (Malay calls sotong) and it tastes delicious. Homam and I told him there is no sotong in Nasi Goreng Special, there are only fried egg, chicken and prawn. Mahmoud was very confident that he’s right. Before we left the restaurant, he (Mahmoud) asked one of the workers whether Nasi Goreng Special consists of sotong (by the way, Mahmoud speaks Malay). The worker responded, "Takda sotong" (means no cattle fish). Hahaha… We laughed so hard.
Then we went to Seagate beach stalls to have our last drink of the night. I ordered Lychee drinks for all. We talked about fishing, about many things. We ended our late-night drink session with belching sound by Mahmoud. I couldn’t remember how many times he belched out. Perhaps more than an average Malay Man. Come on, let’s go home. Tomorrow (Saturday) I wanna take my convo robe. Mahmoud and Farouq want to join me. Okay, we’ll do it tomorrow…

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