USM 36th Convocation

15 August 2007 was my convocation day. So much to say about this day. The feeling of joy – it was so so overwhelming.
I woke up at around 6AM. Prayed fajr prayer and immediately took shower after that. All my activities were based in Khalid’s room. Thanks brother Khalid very very much, what esle can I say. At around 7.30AM, I finished dressing up. Then I went to Dewan Kuliah H to get my pass and put on my convo robe. I had a very hard time putting on the hood correctly. Then I get the help from the two lady adhocs but they also couldn’t make it right. Finally we managed to get it done although I was far from satisfied. No time for complaining, I need to enter the hall. I have less than three minutes before they closed the entrance. The entrance was crowded by the graduands, so I have to walk very slowly. Okay, I’m in now. Wow! Astonishing!
Inside Dewan Tuanku Syed Putra (DTSP) Hall
Not long after that I received a call from Zubair, asking me to stand up, look at the back side and waive my hand. I did as told. Okay they saw me already. Great! I spotted Zubair, Mahmoud Haddad, Homam, Farouq and Wahyu sitting at the guests’ seats. While I was ushering around, I heard somebody cries my name. Oh it was Dr Nasir, my supervisor. He congratulated me, told how proud he was. Thank you Dr Nasir. You are a great person. Not long after that the program started. All guests of honour and VIPs walked in style to filling up the stage.
After the King arrived, the national anthem and USM theme song were played. The king then sit on the throne followed by the rest of others. This was part of the formalities that we need to follow during convo ceremony. The king made the opening remark. Followed by award giving ceremony to the high profile academicians such as Prof. Muhammad Yunus from Bangladesh, Prof. Augustine Ong, etc.
After almost one hour, the graduation ceremony started. It began with PhDs then Master’s. Everybody walked to the stage accordingly in style. Then my turn. Immediately after my name was announced, I heard a hugh clap from one side of the audience, which I believed came from Mahmoud, Homam, Farouq, Zubair and Wahyu. Thanks guys, you guys made me feel very proud. Then I shaked my hand with the King. He congratulated and conferred me with the academic degree. Thank you Sir. I left the stage and back to my seat. It was great.
Outside Dewan Tuanku Syed Putra (DTSP) Hall
The ceremony ended at around 12 noon. I could hardly wait to see my brother Ezeev and my mom as well as my friends. Homam was the first to congratule me, followed by Mahmoud, Zubair and others. We hugged and kissed each other (Arabic style). We took many pictures. When my mom came, I kissed her hand and her cheek. Thanks mom for your support all these while. I’ve been teased by Homam and Mahmoud many times. It was extremely hilarious. I love you guys.
This was one of the greatest days of my life. It was the best day in the history of my USM’s calendar. I don’t think that I can’t buy this moment again. Thanks to everybody. I have no more words to say.

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