Maqluba Oh Maqluba…

What is maqluba?
Maqluba (also spelled as maqlooba or ma’looba)(Arabic: مقلوبة) is an upside down rice casserole, in which it consists of commonly cauliflowers and other vegetable perhaps aubergine/egg plants/brinjal. This rice casserole is cooked together with chicken or lamb, which is cut in bite-sized pieces. It is one of the most popular dishes in Palestine.
I only knew maqluba after I befriended Mahmoud Haddad. For mansef (also spelled as mansaf))(Arabic: منسف), I knew after I befriended Mahmoud Jawarneh. To me both dishes are special. It just that I have more apetite towards maqluba.
So far I have eaten Mahmoud’s and Mysara’s maqluba. Both were delicious. It is a fact that whenever I eat maqluba, I eat a lot (perhaps the amount is comparable to the Arabs). Some friends wonder how a person of my standard can eat that much. Well, I don’t know, it just happened. Alhamdulellah, my size still remained the same… hehe.
Mahmoud Haddad – "Mr Maqluba"
Mahmoud Haddad’s maqluba to me is special. I love it very much. Perhaps he deserves to be called Mr Magluba or Abu Magluba…. I don’t know whether Mahmoud likes this title or not. If Mahmoud’s maqluba is interesting, I wonder how’s the taste of the original maqluba cooked by the Palestinian family, it must be more interesting isn’t it?
The last maqluba I had was on August, 26, with Wahyu. I couldn’t remember how many times but I think this was my 5th time invitation by Mahmoud. If I were to be invited again by Mahmoud, definitely I will come. Firstly, it’s delicious and secondly, it’s free… hehe. I just love it.

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