Barbecue at Batu Feringgi…

I never thought I would join this barbecue craze but I did. Actually I came to USM for my material simulation work as well as sending samples for BET test. I knew that Farouq is going to leave the next day. So I called Mahmoud, Homam and Farouq for lunch at around 12.40 PM. Mahmoud was fasting, while Farouq and Homam were busy shopping at Bukit Jambul. So I went to BJ to have lunch with them. I invited them to have KFC. Before leaving, Farouq asked me to join him for barbecue dinner at Batu Feringgi. I told him I’m sorry because I’m working and have to go back to Kulim after work. Furthermore, I didn’t bring extra clothes. Farouq insisted. I joined them at last.
Barbecue craze
Farouq gave me a t-shirt and a long short. Not too big, they fit me well. They’re yours, he said. Thanks Farouq. We went in two cars. Except me, they were all Palestinians. We were nine – I, Mahmoud, Homam, Farouq, Wael, Eyyad, ‘Ala, Bassam and one more (I just couldn’t remember his name). Immediately after arriving at the beach, Mahmoud and friends set up the charcoal grill. Then they fired up the grills (grillers). Then started grilling the pre-marinated meat and chicken as well as the big onions. Smell delicious. Couldn’t wait because I was extremely hungry. So the rest of others. Suddenly the rain came without notice. Luckily I wasn’t heavy. It’s already half way, we won’t stop. I immediately went to Mahmoud’s car and took two umbrellas. After that the rain stopped before reaching them.
The grilling fininshed at around 12 midnight. Then we started eating. The taste of the grilled chicken and meat were so heaven to me. Even the onion taste so good. I became full and almost belched out loud. I really enjoyed this barbecue dinner. Back to the hostel at around 2 AM.
Farewell to Farouq
I was told that Farouq is leaving for good. I understand. But for me it’s hard to say goodbye. It’s difficult to say goodbye to good friends. The only thing I asked was to keep in touch. May Allah bless us all.

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