Mineral Symposium 2007

Last week I presented my research paper entitled "The hydrophilic behaviour of TiO2 thin film derived from sol-gel process" at Mineral Symposium 2007 which held at Orient Star Resort, Lumut. It was a three days symposium and my presentation was scheduled on the first day. My presentation went so smoothly. But I’m not sure how good or how bad my presentation was. I’m not a prefessional speaker. So far the feedback was positive. Alhamdulellah. It’s not my point here to sell myself or tell everybody that I’m a good presenter because I’m still far from reaching that level but I hope to be one, one day. InshaAllah.
My aim is to share as much knowledge as possible with those who are interested in this topic. Two heads are always better than one. I welcome all comments and critics.
This is the abstract of my paper:
The hydrophilic behaviour of TiO2 thin film derived from sol-gel process
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TiO2 thin films prepared from alkoxide precursor via sol-gel method promised high materials purity and homogeneity. The sol-gel process offers low processing temperature for the transformation of TiO2 phase to anatase crystalline phase. The processing temperature was far lower compared to the conventional process. Crack free thin films with composition of 90% TiO2: 10% SiO2 has been prepared from sol-gel spin coating technique with thermal treatment at 500oC for 30 minutes. The structural morphology of TiO2 thin film was carried out using FESEM. The micrograph reveals the formation of TiO2 nano-grain structures which contributes to higher surface area of the thin film. The presence of a peak at around 25o in the XRD spectrum confirmed the existence of anatase crystalline phase in the thin film. In addition, the water droplet test showed rapid water spreading behaviour indicating the TiO2 thin film has a very good hydrophilic property.
Keywords: sol-gel method, TiO2 thin film, anatase crystalline and hydrophilicity
Simposium Mineral 2007 (SIMPOMIN 2007)
(Mineral & Geoscience Department of Malaysia)

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