Trip to Cameron Highland

The trip was planned by Zubair a long time ago, somewhere in 2006. It just this year we managed to make it happened. I’m glad that the trip was well worth it for seasonal travellers like us. Actually, we went there a week before the month of Ramadan and I should have written this chapter earlier. I couldn’t write like before because my leasure time has shrinked so much since I was employed. 
We went by Zubair’s car. Mahmoud Haddad, Zubair, Wahyu and I – just four of us. On Friday after work, I packed my bag and went to USM. We had our dinner and moved to Taiping and stayed at my house. Nobody there at my house since my mom stays with my brother in SP, busy looking after her grandchildren.
I woke up in the morning and prepared morning breakfast. I bought nasi lemak. It was delicious. Mahmoud started to appreciate our local delicacies. It took him almost five years to adapt with our food. We began our journey at around 10.30 AM. Zubair drove until South Taiping Exit and I drove the rest of our way to Cameron Highland.
Upon reaching Cameron Highland, we stopped in a few roadside shops. Zubair bought a few tea packets. Whenever Zubair reaches his shopping level high, nobody will be able to stop him. Zubair sighed many times after discovering the shops at town sell similar products at much cheaper price. "Why didn’t you guys stop me?", cried Zubair a few times. I and especially Mahmoud just couldn’t stop laughing, it was really funny.
We took a hotel at Brinchang, single room, double queen size bed. Cost us RM138. Most of the nearby hotels of that standard have been fully occupied. We took our lunch at KFC. Light rain started to shower outside and I could feel the cool air caressing my skin. What a lovely weather. The first tour was to Strawberry farm near Cactus Valley. Free entry. A very nice place. Then we drove between Tanah Rata and Brinchang and marked a few more places for the next day tour. Because time was too short and weather was not so welcoming if we were to tour many places in the same day. We just couldn’t do much that evening except going to pasar malam (night stalls) which opened at 6PM. Mahmoud bought much groceries, which was no surprise for a cook like him. Zubair and Wahyu shopped at every inch of the pasar malam. Me… I just followed Mahmoud and bought fried vege-mushrooms. Aaah, delicious.
Back to the hotel. Watched TV. Mahmoud spent hour for his shisha (argeela). It was getting colder, and I waited for ZZZZ…
In the morning, "Good morning everybody". Ready to go, we packed everything and checked out. The first place we visited was Bharat Tea Plantation Area. Nice place too. There I took many photos and snapped panoramic view using my Nikon Coolpix. Although I was really tired but I enjoyed this trip. Finally we went to Cactus Valley. RM4 per entry for adult. Nice place too.  I was shocked to see some cactus look like male’s private part. It’s true. Anyway, if you plan to visit Cameron Highland, go to these a must visit place(s):
  [1] Strawberry Garden besides Cactus Valley at Brinchang
  [2] Cactus Valley at Brinchang
  [3] Bharat Tea Plantation Area
  [4] Brinchang Night Market

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