Silver medal at INNOVA 2007, Belgium.

This is one of my greatest days of my life. My research team was awarded SILVER MEDAL at THE 56TH WORLD EXHIBITION OF INNOVATION, RESEARCH AND NEW TECHNOLOGIES (INNOVA) IN BRUSSELS, BELGIUM, which was held from 22-25 November 2007. Alhamdulellah, thanks to Allah. This was actually my second medal after my team won GOLD MEDAL at The 17th International Invention, Innovation and Technology Exhibition (I-TEX 2006) in Kuala Lumpur last year. My team consists of my supervisor Assoc Prof. Nasir Ibrahim, my co-supervisor Dr Coswald and I. We worked on a project as what we called "Plating on Anything!". It was actually my Master’s project. I am so happy to the fact that the outcome of our research has been recognized internationally. To Dr Nasir and Dr Coswald, thanks, you guys are great. I have had a great time working with you guys.
Now I’m no longer in USM. I’m now belong to National Research of Advanced Materials. I hope to achieve something more. By Allah will, inshaAllah I can…

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