SIRIM Induction Program 2007 leaves sweet memories…

Induction program is compulsory for all government and semi-government servants in Malaysia. The objective is to familiarize the new employees with the function of the organization and preparing them for their new roles. I was instructed to attend SIRIM Induction Program held in SIRIM Headquarters in Shah Alam from 3 to 6 December 2007. There were about 80 new employees attending the Induction Program.
There, we were divided into five groups. And I was appointed by my group members as the Team Leader of my group, i.e. Group 2. The outline of the program was structured in such a way so that all new employees can have a basic idea of the organization, the way it operates, etc. We were also introduced to various departments and their functions. Other activities include treasure hunt, group discussion and group presentation.
Note: Treasure hunt was conducted a week earlier during Teambuilding Program on 24 November 2007.
I have had such a good time and really enjoyed the Induction Program. My team had shown such a magnificent teamwork. What a spirit, I’m really proud of you guys. And all the hard works paid off when my team was announced the winner of both events, i.e. Treasure Hunt and Group Presentation for Innovation.
I would like to acknowledge my group members especially [1] Norhaidah (First Presenter), [2] Ratna Sari (Second Presenter), [3] Heeza (Stage Director), [4] Nazri Ngainin (Actor 1), [5] Hanif (Actor 2) and others – Azmaizam, Azzri, Bakhi, Fadzil, Hafizul Amin, Hafizul Ali, Khairul, Norlaila and Siti Badariah (Ismi) for sharing all those brilliant ideas. Me, I acted as The Mediator and also the Third Presenter.
I also met and made many good friends there, i.e. Wan Se’agar, Mohazam, Rosmi and others. Currently Wan Se’agar is the best one.
To all my friends out there, Induction Program has ended but our friendship will never end, so keep in touch.

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