Khattab is back…

I received his email on February 22 (Friday), saying that he is back in Malaysia. Hala hala… welcome back Khattab, welcome back. Am I not happy? Of course I’m happy. But I wonder why he didn’t inform when he was still in Jordan. Maybe he wants to make a surprise. Sometimes I feel that he is a little bit unpredictable. I have no problem with those ‘unpredictable issues’ that ride the waves of emotions, opinion, intuitions or serendipity. It does sometimes make things more interesting.
I have a gut feeling that there is something has been going on around the clock. I think that Khattab is now engaged and waiting for the right time to get married. Well Khattab, since I’m your brother, you can appoint me to be the best man of your wedding… hehe. Khattab is here to pursue his PhD in Engineering (or Physics?). I wish him all the best.

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