Trip to Lumut with Homam, Abu Homam and Muhammad..

I just want to tell how happy I was to meet Homam’s father (Abu Homam) last week. Before I met Abu Homam, I have many thoughts. If he is not harsh, he must be very strict, that’s what I thought at the beginning. I know his son Homam is nice but could probably harsh in character. But what I learned last week was father and son may not hold the same character. Far from being harsh, Abu Homam is actually a likable, charismatic and so down-to-earth person. He never looks down to anybody although he has PhD. When you feel down, go and see him, he knows how to cheer you up. This is Abu Homam. Homam is lucky to have such a wonderful daddy.
So the trip to Lumut was so meaningful to me. Apart from me, Homam and Abu Homam, joining us was Muhammad, Bassam’s bigger brother, who married to a Philippino woman. Muhammad was also a nice, good hearted person. We went to Lumut Mangrove forest, Teluk Batik beach and Lumut Waterfront.

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