When Meshary makes me cry…

Today I received a link from Jafour (my youtube friend) that directs me to his uploaded video. So far, everything from Jafour are Islamic. I started to know Jafour when I made search on Islamic nasheeds a few years back. Alhamdulellah, he seems to have a lot of collections on this one.

During the time I watched his youtube video, my eyes eyed on a related video featuring a blind boy with his mother. It was a nasheed from Sheikh Meshary Rashid Al-Afaasy. Meshary is my favourite, of course. I’m a big fan of him since I know him in 2003. Meshary doesn’t associate music in all of his nasheeds, that’s what I like. The last nasheed I downloaded was "Ana al-Abd (أنا العبد )". One of the best in this millennium.

This nasheed entitles "Oh Mother, what is the shape of the sky? (يا امي ما شكل السماء)". MashaAllah it’s so beautiful. Really touch my heart. I didn’t realize tears fall from my eyes. I love blind people, I really do especially when they obey Allah more than those who were born normal.

DO WATCH please…


This is the translation of the nasheed:

Oh Mother, what is the shape of the sky?
What is light?
What is moon?
with its beauty you talk
and I see no trace of it
Is this world full of continuous darkness?
Oh mother
give me your hand
may my loneliness goes away
when I walk I fear tripping
in light or darkness?
I don’t walk well
where the road was short or long
I fear of facing danger when I walk

and I tell no difference between hole and smooth roads
my lees is my sight
Is there sight in objects?

young ones run.. play and have fun all at ease…
and I’m blind.. disabled… staying home…
Allah is Kind to me and eases my pain…

(Translation provided by Parvin Hasan… thanks bro)

If we want to count the blessing from Allah, we will never be able to. So we should express our thank to Allah, our mighty God for everything.

Now I’m looking for Madrasah for the Blind in Malaysia. I know there is in South Africa and Yemen. Anybody who has any idea about any Islamic School for the Blind in Malaysia, please let me know….


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