Kaspersky Antivirus – it’s time to be a legal user

Who wants to buy an antivirus if it is expensive and valid for only a year? Free antivirus software maybe the only option for those on a limited budget. But we still don’t know how well these free antivirus protect our computers. What scares me is that new viruses might be the
financial interest of some commercial antivirus vendors. So which antivirus should we trust? Perhaps, none!

There are many free antivirus software available online such as AVG Free Edition, Avast 4 Home Edition, AntiVir Personal Edition Classic and many more. I had tried AVG Free at my office. No so good (compared to Symantec). The other two Avast and AntiVir, I have no idea about their performance. Just put it this way – you may ask your neighbour to look after your house when you are not around, they might care. But they will care more if you pay them. Simple mathematics. It’s still our choice. We need to define what we actually want from an antivirus software. To me, I prefer the purchased over the free one.

I used to be an illegal user of commercial antivirus software when I was a student. Used cracks for obtaining the license code. As a Muslim, where honesty is important, I pity myself for that. For that reason, I bought Kaspersky Antivirus (Version 7.0) and be part of the
legal antivirus community.

Why I chose Kaspersky?

Kaspersky Lab has set up a regional office in Malaysia:

Since Kaspersky Lab opened its regional office in Petaling Jaya, Selangor in April 2008, Kaspersky Antivirus can be purchased directly from many computer shops in Malaysia (many users including me hesitate to purchase online). Through Kaspersky (Malaysia), Kaspersky will recruit more partners to target business segment such as retail, mobile phone, internet services and a few more, for supporting its South East Asian market.

Secondly, since the year 2006, Kaspersky still on top of the ranking.

Thirdly, the price in Malaysia is reasonable.

The retail price of Kaspersky Antivirus 7.0 (1 year license for 1 PC) in Malaysia is RM69 (USD21) and I bought it for RM60 (USD18). This is much cheaper compared to the retail price in US, UK, Australia or India, where its price is tagged at USD59 (RM192), GBP16 (RM104), AUD55 (RM173) and Rp1678 (RM127) respectively. While in China, Kaspersky offers KAV 7.0 free of charge to Chinese users (free license key for 1 year) as a social campaign to relieve people affected by snow disaster. 

The most important for a Muslim – BE A LEGAL USER.


To Kaspersky Lab and other antivirus vendors, price reduction is greatly welcome if you want to see more people joining legal antivirus community.


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  1. Sherman Redfearn
    Oct 11, 2012 @ 00:07:20

    i always use antivirus because there are so many malware and viruses that comes from the internet these days. `.*”*

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